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A list of Rueda figures that are updated added to

corrected and amended for guidance in helping give some explanations to those who learn with us at
Suggestions and corrections gladly accepted. Call Milo 07932 658 861.
Date 24th October 2012

Rueda Figure Level Description
1 Abajo 1 Closed dancing forward for man clockwise (backwards)
2 Al Centro 2 Rock to and from the centre
3 Al Corto Con La Bola 3 Enchufla quiere then man walks around the front of next woman and behind her and picks her up for dile que no
4 Al Gado (Enchufla Y Muneca) 3 Guapea, Enchufla, half enchufla123, 456 mans right hand holding womans right forearm to turn out for dile que no.
5 Americana 3 From al Centro woman moves to turn to centre
6 Americano 3 From al Centro man moves to turn to centre
7 Arco Iris (rainbow) 4 Setenta (123456), 123 unwind woman, 456 man in sweet heart position. 123 la Cruz. 456 Mans left hand up turns clockwise and woman clockwise.
8 Arriba 1 Closed dancing forward for man anti-clockwise (forwards)
9 Bayamo 4 Single sombrero. 456 around the man. 456 man turn anticlock-wise to woman right hand over head. Setenta to dile que no
10 Bayamo pa Abajo 4 Single sombrero. 456 around the man. 123 left hand arm lock 456 come out. 123456 sombrero and hat. Dile que no.
11 Bayamo pa arriba 4 Single sombrero. 456 around the man. 123 man drop down and bring woman around. 123 2 hand copelia, then hat to dile que no
12 Besito 4 Change hands both hands high clockwise 123. Man turn under left hand and right arm lock 456. 123 Mans L-hand over womans head to her L shoulder. 456 draw L-hand down behind back a fey a kiss. Turn away 123, 456 cascada out and sombrero to end.
13 Candado 3 Like Kentucky but finish walking off with hands on mans neck. Then arriba to turn and face your partner
14 Caracol 3 Man turns clockwise under left hand and Enchufla
15 Cascada (Sombrero De Abajo) 3 Under and over
16 Cherevere 2 Skiing
17 Coca Cola 3 Shape like the coca cola bottle
18 Copelia 3 Both turn back to back, woman does 3 turns. Man inside turn, outside turn, then Enchufla mentira.
19 Cubanito 3 Enchufla change hands and dance in front the woman then change hands back for Enchufla
20 Dame (Dame Una) 1 Change to next woman
21 Dame Con Dos 2 With two claps on count 6
22 Dame Con La Mano 1 Change with the hand
23 Dame Con Tres 2 With three claps on count 6
24 Dame Con Una 1 With one clap on count 6
25 Dame Dos 2 Miss one woman got to following woman
26 Dame Dos Con Dos 2 Miss on partner and change to next with 2 claps on 6th count
27 Dame Y Una Arriba 3 Dame in opposite direction
28 Dedo 3 change hands then clockwise turn for woman, then Enchufla, man out side turn, then Enchufla quiere
29 Dile Que No 1 Open to Guapea
30 Dile Que No Por A Fuera 3 From Guapea, dile que no. Now facing outside the Rueda
31 Enchufla con vuelta 3 Enchufla, 456 man outside turn. Finish off draw woman across you.
32 El Cubanito 3 Like El dos but back to Enchufla
33 El Dos 3 Enchufla change hands and dance in front the woman then change hands back to do sombrero
34 El Tres 3 Start as el uno, then over her head 123, 456 man in front then el dos
35 El Uno 3 Similar el dos, but woman in front
36 Enchufla 2 Anti-clockwise turn to woman 123 and change to next woman
37 Enchufla A La Familia 2 Link arms then change
38 Enchufla complicado 3 Enchufla woman 123, Enchufla man 456. Enchufla
39 Enchufla Con Clave 3 To the clave clap
40 Enchufla con dos muvetes 3 Enchufla 123, 456 123 man clockwise twice and then quedate
41 Enchufla Con Mambo 3 Mambo to next t partner
42 Enchufla con mojito 4 Enchufla complicado, Enchufla doble, open with el uno 123, 456 man turns out clockwise under womans hand, Enchufla quedate
43 Enchufla con sombrero 3 Two hand Enchufla, left hand over right hand to sombrero. Then sombrero in place 123456, then dile que no
44 Enchufla con tres muvetes 3 Enchufla 123, 456 123 man clockwise thrice and then quedate
45 Enchufla con Una muvete 3 Enchufla 123, 456 man clockwise and then quedate
46 Enchufla Doble 2 Enchufla then stop the woman 456 and the Enchufla
47 Enchufla Enfrente 3 Like Cubanito but change quicker
48 Enchufla Mentira 2 Anti-clockwise turn to woman 123 and draw the woman to your right side.
49 Enchufla Moderno 4 Check explanation
50 Enchufla Para Arriba 3 Enchufla to the opposite direction
51 Enchufla Por Al Centro 3 Enchufla and then coming to centre for a clap on 1, woman on 4
52 Enchufla Quedate 3 Change hands and left hand to centre
53 Enchufla Quedate Complicado 4 Change hands and left hand to centre. Then draw woman across the Centro, then tap 123, tap 456. Finish clockwise for woman
54 Enchufla Quedate Con Mambo 3 To mambo steps
55 Enchufla todo el mundo 3 Enchufla quedate but continue with woman all the way around the man then back to basic Guapea
56 Enchufla Tomala 3 Enchufla and walk round with woman for a circle and then dame to next partner.
57 Enchufla Y Salute Complicado 4
58 Enchufla Y Cero 3 Enchufla then woman cero around man
59 Enchufla Y Comb your hair 3
60 Enchufla Y Dos 3 Enchufla and hook your left arm and then right arm, to dile que no
61 Enchufla Y Muneca 4 Enchufla and then el Gado.
62 Enchufla Y Salute 3
63 Enchufla Y Uno 3 Enchufla and hook your right arm, to dile que no
64 Enchufla y dos con vuelve 3 Enchufla 123, overlock right arm 456. Draw woman clockwise 123456123, 456 unlock right arm in clockwise turn. Enchufla mentira
65 Enchufla A La Tomala 3 Moving like a spanner then change
66 Enchufla en este lugar 4 Enchufla and return immediately to same woman
67 Enrocate 3 Do Enchufla and closed dile que no to open again
68 Escapade 3 Make a big ball and then undo it
69 Espina (Asparina or Dile Que Si) 2 Clockwise from Guapea, then close for arriba
70 Evelyn 3 Like prima but keep left hand low, clockwise turn for man to change hands then into the centre then draw woman across you.
71 Exhibela 2 Show her off
72 Festival 3 any move three times with claps 1,2,3 on first step. Can be dame or Enchufla
73 Festival De Pelota 3 Enchufla three times and clapping on 6 count for 1,2 and 3
74 Festival de Pelota en este lugar 4 Enchufla and return immediately to same woman, clap on six step 1,2,3 times.
75 Fly 2 Catch a fly ball on 1
76 Guero (Spin) 3 Sweet heart to left shoulder one turn
77 Guero Doble 3 Sweet heart to left shoulder both turn
78 Havana 4 Like Kentucky but finish man outside turn and Setenta y uno
79 Hola 1 Touch the person behind
80 Jardin 4 Enchufla then change hand to right. Man go under next couples joined hands. Dance Abajo. Then 123 take the joined womans hand walk pass her 456. Then Enchufla with her.
81 Kentucky 3 Cuddle, then cuddle to neck, then over head man turn clockwise to finish with dile que no
82 La Derecha 3 Man to right on one and woman to right on four
83 La Izquidera 3 Man to left on one and woman to left on four
84 La Roca 3 Pancake for man in, swing out 456, then under arm then Guapea
85 La Trenza 3 Guapea, 123 man both hands turn woman anticlock wise, then 456 cuddle her. 123 come out 456 mans right hand over to left shoulder for dile que no.
86 Lazo (Gwendolyn) 3 Two hand Enchufla, both mans hands high 123, 456 man turns under both hands clockwise. Finish for dile que no.
87 Mariposa (Butterfly) 4 From Setenta 123, 456. 123 woman turns out 456 Man turns anticlockwise under own hand. Finish off Setenta complicado
88 Mariposa (Via Enchufla) 4
89 Mariposa (Via Setenta) 4
90 Mark & Simone move 4 Single sombrero and then come out 123. 456 mans left hand turn woman anticlockwise. 123 place womans left hand over mans head on to his neck for dile que no 456.
91 Marriage 2 man right arm in womans left, then swop to dile que no
92 Media 2 Middle clap on 1
93 Montana 3 Two hand not hat sombrero (123456). Anti clockwise 123 woman. 456 outside turn for man. Then sombrero y dile que no
94 Ochenta Y Cuatro 3
95 Ochenta y Cuatro (other) 3 Montana 123 456, 123 456 (part not full) then quedate to draw woman
96 Ochenta Y Cuatro Complicado 4
97 Ochenta Y Ocho 3 Setenta then back other way to start Setenta from behind
98 Ocho Por Las Mujeres 3 front, back, front, side
99 Ocho Por Los Hombres 3 back, front, back, side
100 Pancake (or Siete) Con Coca Cola 3 Whip her in then 123, then spin her out 456
101 Pancake por El Hombre 3 Man whips him in 123
102 Pancake por La Mujer (Or Siete) 3 Whip her in (not literally!)
103 Pancake por todo 3 Both man and woman
104 Para ti Para mi 2 Clap to centre touch hands behind clap centre and touch hands in front.
105 Pasela 3 Passing back and forth across her. Man out step across. Woman back cross step
106 Pasela Enfrente 3 Closing and opening. Man forward on left on 1 and to the side on 4
107 Pati Por Las Mujeres 3
108 Pati Por Los Hombres 3
109 Pelota loca 3 Enchufla , left stamp, clap, right stamp clap, left stamp, clap, clap, clap. Dame
110 Photo 2 Pose for a photo
111 Policia por las mujeres 3
112 Policia por los hombres 3
113 Prima Doble 3 Prima then torque then change
114 Prima y hermana 3 Prima and Enchufla
115 Prima, Adios 2 Draw woman and half turn to centre, then over the head to next woman
116 Remolino (swirl) 4 Guapea. 123 man swops right hand behind her back for arm lock, 456 both turn out. End Enchufla con vuelta
117 Rosalinda 3 Guapea, then 123 man right holding woman's left hand over his head to left shoulder. 456 left hand over head. 123 turn woman clockwise. 456 mans right hand over to left shoulder for dile que no.
118 Sacala 3 Show her off with other hand
119 Sambuca 3 Two handed Enchufla, two handed Sacala, dile que no
120 Sambuca complicado 4 Two handed Enchufla, two handed Sacala and mans right hand around woman's neck, then dile que no
121 Sesenta y nueve 3 As above ,then right hand to draw woman around man then cross centre to Guapea.
122 Sesenta y Ocho 3 Change hands clockwise for woman123456, then anti 123 change grip to lead across centre to Guapea
123 Setenta y Cuatro 3 Setenta and walk behind the woman 123456, then 123 mans right over his head to come and turn woman 456. Then Enchufla mentira
124 Setenta y dos 3 Setenta and hook your left arm and then right arm, to dile que no
125 Setenta y tres 3 Setenta and hook your right armpit. Come out from below. Then Enchufla mentira
126 Setenta 3
127 Setenta complicado (Derecha) 3
128 Setenta complicado (Izquierda) 3
129 Setenta y cinco 3 Setenta then draw woman around man to cross in centre
130 Setenta y Ronda 3 Setenta 123456123, 456 mans right hand turn the woman clockwise. 123 left hand over 456 both hands over. Enchufla
131 Setenta y uno 3 Setenta and hook your right arm, to dile que no
132 Siete (Pancake) Con Coca Cola 3
133 Sombrerito (Roly) 3 Man turn woman both hands high clock for 6, then anti for 3, then Roly finish
134 Sombrerito complicado (Roly Complicado) 4 finish with both turn and dile que no
135 Sombrerito Y Dos (Roly 2) 3 Finish with sombrero
136 Sombrerito Y Uno (Roly 1) 3 As above with a full turn in between Man turn woman both hands high clock for 6, then anti for 3, then Roly finish
137 Sombrero 2 Change hands clockwise for woman to man right side
138 Sombrero complicado 3 Sombrero then bring around you
139 Sombrero con mambo 3 Sombrero then mambo steps
140 Sombrero con quedate 4 Sombrero to mans right side 123456. 123 mans right hand over the top and under to take woman's right hand 123. 456 turn woman in place and man turn clockwise. Quedate to end
141 Sombrero con rumba 3 Man takes woman steps for rumba
142 Sombrero doble (other) 4 Sombrero 123 456, sombrero to mans left side. Then single sombrero back to mans right side, dile que no
143 Sombrero sabor 4 Sombrero to man's right 123456 and then to his left 123456 and then dame arriba with her
144 Sombrero Sola 3 Mans right in a single sombrero
145 Sombrero Sola Con Muvete 3 Sombrero Sola. 123 bring woman around man with right hand, then 456 bring woman across the centre to Guapea.
146 Spider 3 Setenta complicado change hands, man goes behind woman 456. Comes out 123. Woman both hands together behind back and head down turns clockwise 456 to unwind. End as per normal
147 Sweet Heart 2 Cuddle
148 TelevisiĆ³n 3 Sombrero, 123456. Woman sits on mans right knee. 123456 , 123456 (change channels) and both have got up for dile que no.
149 Treinta y tres 4 Weave in and out, men anti-clock, women clock
150 Tumba de Francesca 4 count for passing even number of women, 2, 4, or 6
151 Un tarro 1 Change partner. Man walking in closed position forward to next Lady
152 Vacilala 2 Float the woman clockwise then pick her up
153 Vacilala con la Mano 2 Float the woman clockwise with the hand to guide then pick her up
154 Vacilala y cero 3 Clockwise then man cero around woman
155 Valsero 4 Overclocked Sombrero
156 Ventilador (fan) 4 Enchufla, 456 man swops womans right hand behind her back (for right hand armlock on her). 123 She turns out 456 man outside turn. 123 turn woman anti-clockwise, 456 man outside turn. Finish off draw woman across you.
157 Yoghurt 3 1, 2 Jump to partner
158 Yoghurt el mundo 2 Expose behind 456